Bellydonna is a belly dance troupe founded in 2012 by Emalee Morem, composed of Kate Hanley, Christian Cuttler, Deb Zabel, and Becky King. Under Emalee’s leadership and performance experience, this group of diverse women have performed in a number of Twin Cities community shows, gaining respect as a technically consistent and creative bellydance troupe. Bellydonna is esteemed for their dramatic choreography, impressive isolation, and dazzling costumes.

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Bellydonna Spanish Fusion

Belladonna performing at the Banat el Kamar annual spring concert. May 30, 2015

Bellydonna May 31 2013

Emalee, Christal, Kate, and Zabella

Bellydonna Dancers

Bellydonna -Emalee, Christal, Kate, and Zabella- performing at the Guild of Oriental Dance open stage, October 2014.


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Belly Blossoms

Belly Blossoms The Belly Blossoms are a student group under the direction of instructor Emalee Morem. The group has been dancing together in classes since 2013 and performing together since 2014. They are made up of Allison McDonald, Carrie Moreno, Kiki Howells, Pat Browne, Julie Bartsch and Peni Wuriandari.

Belly Blossoms student group Dec 2014

Belly Blossoms student group Dec 2014

Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus Middle Eastern Dancers are a troupe directed by Julianna.  Emalee has been an integral part of the Blue Lotus since 2005, participating in televised performances, dinner shows, and theater shows.  For more information, visit the Blue Lotus Facebook page HERE